Subcontractors & Vendors

“I find that the number one problem in contracting is lack of communication. Boxtree is different than any of the other contractors that I have dealt with. They are extraordinarily diligent and they follow up unlike any one in the industry. Clients routinely tell me that Boxtree follows up and follows through and more importantly, that they communicate during the entire construction process.”

Tom – Baio Marceille Architects

“Boxtree has always been very efficient with their business both inside and out.  I have always appreciated their high commitment towards materials, layouts, and craftsmanship.”

Chris - Wayne Tile

“We have an excellent working relationship with Boxtree. Boxtree sticks to their time lines, which makes every aspect of their projects work like clock work. When their clients come to Apex for their counter top or tile selections, they have already been educated on this phase of construction which makes their experience easy and enjoyable. Boxtree’s work is one of quality and professionalism, and they expect the same of their sub contractors.

Mark – Apex Marble & Granite

“Our 9 years of business with Boxtree have proved to be pleasurable and beneficial. Contrary to our experience with others in this industry, Boxtree Construction has remained true to their agreements with us, consistently recommend clients to our showroom, and remain courteous and professional throughout our interactions.”

Edoardo Rosso – Plaza Lighting

“In dealing with Boxtree over the past ten years they have shown a commitment of trust, reliability, and professionalism. Whenever they order their products they always know exactly what they want and when they need it. They are always prompt with paying their invoices.

Whether it be a custom home or a renovation project, Boxtree’s clients always come to us educated as to which products would best suit their needs. That is what separates Boxtree from all other builders and puts them on the top shelf. ”

Tony - Karl’s Appliances

“I work with a lot of contractors, but I would rather work for Boxtree full time. Everything is professionally done and I know what I have to look forward to with each job.”

Joe – Intruder Alert Alarms

“We enjoy working with Boxtree. It is wonderful that at the end of a project the client is satisfied and had a wonderful client experience. Boxtree is a great builder!”

Sharon – Paramount Kitchens

“Finding a contractor capable of executing unique custom design is a challenge, yet with Boxtree we have been fortunate to find personnel that are highly responsive to our design needs while facilitating a collaborative relationship that allows our office to deliver a quality product to the client.”

Tom and Cecilia– Continuum Design

“Ever since I started working with Boxtree, I have never come across contractors that were so precise with the detail involved in running a project. I am always surprised how organized they are on any projects I work with them on. It is never a problem getting paid from Boxtree.”

Kevin – All A’s Plumbing and Heating

“All of Boxtree customers are happy with the finished product and they are happy to be able to choose all of their own fixtures. The houses that I have seen are incredible beautiful and all different from each other.”

Fernanda – Bath Connection

“Boxtree does quality work. They are extremely organized which makes my job easier. Their job sites are always neat as a pin. Boxtree always builds quality homes with quality products.”

John – 84 Lumber

“I’ve had a relationship with Boxtree for over 5 years. The quality of work is impeccable and they are about their customers and always do the right job.”

Jeff – Fino Electric

“Boxtree has purchased top quality products for the last five years from Moe Distributors. These products combined with their workmanship make Boxtree the quality company it is today.”

Jeff - Moe Distributors

“Having dealt with Boxtree for many years now, I can say that their level of workmanship and professionalism is extremely high.  Also appreciated is the prompt payment upon completion of each project.”

Bruce - Closet Engineer

“Boxtree is a quality builder and renovation specialist. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Ed - Garden State Flooring

“Customer Awareness, Craftsmanship, finely detailed millwork and quality building materials epitomize Boxtree’s custom homes and renovation projects.”

Jim – Warren Lumber and Millwork

“Passionate, Creative, Respect, Integrity… If you are interested in working with a company that possesses these qualities then call Boxtree.” They treat their vendors as they would their best clients.

Peter and Jimmy – Solution 32

“All the projects that I have done with them have been very organized so there is no time wasted.”

John – 2 Paint Company

“I have been "Partnering" with Boxtree for over a year now, and my experiences have only been positive.  They are a professional and thoughtful organization that puts the client’s desires and needs first.  It is a nice change of pace to work with a builder that has the same outlook as I do, "the client’s needs are my needs".

David – Audio Video Solutions Inc. 

“Here at Air Master, we are very fortunate to deal with several builders. It isn’t common that one rises above the rest. Boxtree is not only extremely knowledgeable about the construction industry, they are very detail oriented and greatly concerned about the well being of their customers during the course of each project. We feel that Boxtree is synonymous with quality, and consider them to be one of our top builders.”

Keith and Thomas – Air Master Heating and Cooling

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