Renovations & Additions
Boxtree Homes has years of experience with home remodeling and additions
  • Our projects range from renovating single rooms through complete remodeling of entire houses.
  • We can maximize the existing space that you have by re-thinking your room by room floor plan as well as by properly designing such things as built-ins within a room.
  • We create additional space in your house by constructing additions.
  • We work with you to upgrade your existing house by adding in all sorts of richly detailed finishes.
  • We finish off basement and attic areas of the house that are currently unfinished. Often we can integrate them into the existing house in a way that creates additional space that is as livable as any other finished areas of the home.
  • Whether you have an older home that needs updating or you have just purchased a new home and would like to redo certain rooms; keep in mind that remodeling projects add the most to the value of your home when they are properly carried out.
  • We are very conscious about working around your family and your schedule during the renovation process.
  • We have a great deal of experience as a bathroom remodeling contractor
  • We will manage the project through its completion in an efficient way so that there is minimal disruption to you.
  • We provide a turnkey service to you and be your point of contact for all phases of construction.
  • We can carry out your renovation project in any of our three outlined types of service arrangements ? General Contracting, Design and Build Contracting or Construction Management. Likewise, we can assist you in any way that you wish to use our services under a General Consulting Service agreement.
  • We will help you work along with our designers and our network of cooperative suppliers in order to provide you with the most value as we always strive to bring you the absolutely best of design
  • Prior to starting a project, we always take photos of the site and familiarize ourselves with the work before we start. We try to fully analyze the work needing to be accomplished as we budget the job so that there are minimal surprises as the project proceeds.
  • Prior to beginning of construction, we will schedule a preconstruction meeting in order to coordinate your thoughts with our own work and with that of all of the various subcontractors and suppliers on the project.
  • During homr remodeling or additions construction, we will constantly keep you informed of all aspects of the work.
  • Boxtree Homes is an accomplished kitchen remodeling contractor
  • On every one of our renovation construction sites we maintain a neat and organized, professional atmosphere. Our organization and cleanliness add to the level of safety for allworkers concerned as well as maintaining a strict atmosphere so that everyone involved in the project respects the end product.
  • We work hard to keep you from being overwhelmed by the whole home remodeling and addition construction process.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

We have a great deal of experience as a bathroom remodeling contractor. We?ve done everything from partial bathroom remodeling to adding an entire new bathroom where none existed before. Many bathroom remodeling contractors approach the job from the perspective of a plumber. We, on the other hand, are expert general contractors, and are familiar with far more of the construction related needs of a modern bathroom.

We would love to be your bathroom remodeling contractor., Call us for a consultation.

Home Remodeling and Additions

Boxtree Homes has years of experience with home remodeling and additions. We?re not limited to bathrooms and kitchens, but can easily handle a complete home remodeling. Additions and renovations make up a significant portion of our business.

For home remodeling and additions, call Boxtree Homes.

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