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As your Design and Build Contractor, Boxtree can provide a Turnkey Service Ensuring the Highest Quality Construction while Maintaining your Budget.

  • If you do not have any plans or do not have complete plans with all of the finishing details established, then we can work with you to finalize your plans and specifications.
  • In this type of arrangement, we can provide you with a turnkey service for the whole design and construction process. We work with you from the initial concept development, through a review of zoning requirements, though budgeting, though final design and permitting and through completion.
  • We still act as a general contractor and contract directly with you as the owner by providing all of the work through our own employees or through subcontractors; however, in this type of relationship we handle not only construction but also, all of the incidental work associated with a construction project.
  • We are completely responsible for handling all aspects of the project. We follow through on the architectural design, engineering, surveying, and whatever other upfront work that needs to be completed to get the permits filed and the project started.

  • We are usually quickly able to establish a rough budget and we are able to work with you to develop the project plans and specification while always keeping in mind the project budget throughout the process.
  • By us working in a design and build capacity we allow you a substantially quicker overall turnaround on your project. We are the project coordinator and your role is simplified so that you do not have to follow through with all of the individual parties involved in order to get the job going.
  • The design and build process averts the scenario of completing the design process without having a fixed budget. This process prevents you from getting to the end of the bidding process and finding out that you are over budget. This most common pitfall of the general contracting process is having to make cuts and changes in the design in order to keep the job within a certain budget.
  • As experienced builders, we are constantly improving the design as the project proceeds. We work together with the homeowners and the designers in a collaborative way throughout the process. In this way we establish a creative dynamic that will lead to a much better result than simply relying on a single individual.
  • We are actively involved in all aspects of the design so that the project goes smoothly.
  • If you have any special design requirements, for example, if you want to incorporate green building methodology into the project, then it is best to proceed in a design and build capacity. Almost always in designing any kind of unique project, a cost analysis should be considered right in the beginning at the design phase because often the implementation of any special design feature is dependent on the economic feasibility of the work.
  • In order to really get the most value for the design, it is best to involve us from the beginning to determine the most cost effective way to proceed in designing a project.
  • Our experience in construction gives us the ability to bring a fresh perspective to the design process whereas working with an architect alone is often limited to the conceptual and not grounded in the practical and the feasible.
  • Our respect for good design allows us to work closely with the most serious of architects, and our respect for the details of their drawings allows architects a level of comfort in knowing that their designs will be carried out by a skillful contractor without complications and without errors.
  • If you do not have any plans or do not have complete plans with all of the finishing details established, then we can work with you to finalize your plans and specifications in a Design and Build capacity. If you already have final and complete plans and specifications then we can bid your project as described on our General Contracting services.

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