Construction Management

Build Your Own New Home while Boxtree Provides Construction Management Services.

  • In this type of arrangement we manage the overall construction process to bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion; however, we act as a consultant to the owner who directly contracts with individual subcontractors. The owner is essentially the general contractor.
  • This method really only makes sense on larger projects in which, as the owner, you prefer to be completely involved in the day to day construction process.
  • We can work with you to complete your project bringing our expertise to every step of the process.
  • We take a supervisory role for all of the subcontractors on the job who will ultimately be contracting directly with you as the owner.
  • We can handle purchasing of all materials on accounts set up in your name.
  • We can review bills for processing and payment by you or by joint account.
  • We can bill for our time supervising the project on an hourly, weekly, monthly basis; or per a defined contract amount.
  • We can bill you for labor by our direct employees on an hourly basis for work that is not subcontracted out to third parties.
  • The exact process that you wish to follow needs to be outlined by contract prior to the beginning of any work.

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