Q: How long will the job take?

A: From the beginning, we try to give realistic estimates of how long a project is going to take. Of course, the amount of time that a job will take depends not only on the scope of work but also on the finish choices that you make. Also, changes in the work do of course affect the schedule. Schedules inevitably change as the work progresses; but our aim is to keep you fully involved throughout the project so that you are always aware of the schedule and there are no surprises or false promises made.

Q: How much will the project cost?

A: Typically, at our second meeting with you, we will present the project budget, project timeframe, and project scope. There will be no surprises with us. When you sign a contract with us, you will have a fixed price that we will stand by.

Q: What if I want to change something in the middle of the job?

A: We are very flexible with changes, understanding that they need to be addressed at the right time. As long as a change is brought up prior to the work being done, we can accommodate you with minimal disruption to the project. We have no incentive to make changes on your project, unlike many contractors who rely upon “change orders” to make a profit.

Q: Should I contact an architect, or should I contact your company first?

A: We are affiliated with several excellent, creative architects. Based upon the type of work that you are looking to do, and the style that you desire, we can make an appropriate recommendation for an architect to work with on your project. Also, we find that the best way for a job to remain within your budget is to have us involved from the beginning. We work very closely in a team oriented approach with any architect in order to attain the best and most creative solutions. We feel that the more people involved from the beginning, the more ideas that are on the table. Even if you have a personal connection or recommendation and want to use your own architect, it is still a good idea to work with us as well as the architect from the project inception.

Q: Can we choose any materials and finishes?

A: We work with you to provide whatever finishes you have in mind. If you don’t have a specific vision then our designers can help you choose finishes that complement the rest of the project. If you have in mind specific ideas that you want to incorporate into your project, we are happy to assist you to achieve your goals. We do not force you to buy materials from a limited “builder’s selection”, nor do we force you to buy from our suppliers. We work with you to find the best possible combination of price and quality. Of course, we do want you to buy from our suppliers because we have good working relationships and good experiences with them. Also, we prefer that you buy from our suppliers so that we can stand behind the product supplied.

Q: Can we use some of our own subcontractors on our project?

A: As long as your contractors meet with our insurance requirements and our work standards, we can accommodate you. If we are unfamiliar with their work then we will firstly have to thoroughly check out their references as well as inspect jobs that they have completed. We will also want to speak with the customers that they have worked for.

Q: Why are the bid prices that we received not in line with the numbers originally provided by the architect’s budget?

A: This scenario is often the case when there is no contractor involved during the design phase. Many times architects are not able to provide accurate budgets, or they do not have current pricing. Often, they miss important pricing factors when developing a budget. Other times, they are capable of properly budgeting the job, but they do not stick to the budget when making client-requested changes to the job, or when redesigning the job. They feel that the client’s desires or the integrity of the design override any budget concerns, when in fact, the client might actually prefer to remain within budget. When there is a third party involved during the design (the contractor), the budget impact can be determined and discussed continuously while any changes are implemented.

Q: We want to redo our kitchen. Should we first go to a kitchen designer?

A: Similarly to working with an architect, we feel that we can always add our expertise and assist you with design in conjunction with budgeting right from the beginning. We are affiliated with many creative kitchen designers who work very closely in a team oriented approach with us in order to attain the best and most creative solutions. Likewise, if you have a personal connection or recommendation and want to use your own kitchen designer, it is still a good idea to work with us as well as them from the beginning.

Q: Do you provide financing?

A: Yes. We can directly provide financing, or we can arrange bank financing though one of our financial partners.

Q: Can I look at some of the work you have done?

A: Yes. Firstly you can see examples of most of our work on these pages. Additionally we are happy for you to contact any of our clients. Please email us at info@boxtreehomes.com and we can supply you with appropriate references for your type of project.

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